Tuesday, February 19, 2019
IM-1070 Tubeguard

Tubeguard 7-8 mm 

 Disposable - Single use
 Latex free

 Inner Diameter: 7-7.5mm


A new disposable device for use with orotracheal intubation based on clip-on technology.

Product information

Tubeguard is a U-formed semisolid protective device enabling easy fixation of the orotracheal tube and giving protection for teeth and tube.

Tubeguard is made of a plastic material free of latex. The semisolid composition protects the tube and keeps the inner lumen intact.

The Tubeguard is clipped on to the tube before intubation. After correct positioning of the tube has been confirmed, the Tubeguard is slided down on the tube so that the distal end is located below the teeth and the upper end in the angle of the mouth. The composition of the material prevents the tube from moving spontaneously inside the Tubeguard. Tape is used for fixation to the skin.

The small size of the Tubeguard facilitates oral hygiene and removal of secretion and decreases the discomfort for the patient.

At extubation, the tube and Tubeguard are removed en bloc.
The Tubeguard has been developed and tested in collaboration with leading experts in the fields of anaesthesia and intensive care.