Tuesday, February 19, 2019
IM-20 Clip-on Biteguard (long wing)

Clip-on biteguard blue 

 Biteblock for Adults
 Disposable - Single use
 Latex free
 Also used for KX307214


The Clip-On Biteguard is an injection molded, polypropylene biteblock designed to protect both the patient and the equipment during medical instrumentation in the oral cavity.

Clip-On Biteguard gives excellent protection for both the teeth and instruments.  Due to the clip-on technology, the Clip-On Biteguard can easily be connected over the instrument after it has been placed in the esophagus. 

Because of its compact design this biteguard can readily be used along side of endotracheal tubes.

Clip-On Biteguard is made of a special latex free plastic mixture that gives an extra soft feeling to the patient.

In awake patients it is recommended that the wings of this biteblock are placed outside of the mouth.

The keyhole shape ensures that the instrument is always located inside the block. The instrument cannot spontaneously slide out of the block and become damaged due to contact with the teeth.

The use of Clip-On Biteguard protects both the patient and instrument thus decreasing the risk of injury to the patient and/or damage to the instrument.